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Are you ready to fly?

Come and try the WASZP!

We eagerly await your arrival to experience the emotions of flying over the water with the technological marvel of a foiling WASZP. You will find the WASZP test centre at Malcesine on Lake Garda, Italy Malcesine sul Lago di Garda, part of EUROPA SURF AND SAIL.

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About Us


European WASZP Test Centre

The test centre began in 2016 thanks to the agreement with WASZP International, the company producing the one-design WASZP. Together we want to promote the creation of a foiling One Design class accessible to all and affordable by all.

At the test centre we can demonstrate and train the first generation of One Design foiling sailors. Here, WASZPs are available to try with the assistance and supervision of experienced foiling sailors, maintained and tuned to the latest specifications.

Foiling and flying above the water is a remarkable sensation but not yet known to everyone. With the advent of the European Test Centre, those interested can test their skills thanks to a boat designed specifically for sailors who wants to try their hand at foiling for the first time.


Boats, parts and accessories

The WASZP is a One Design boat born of the intuition and experience of Andrew McDougall, co-creator of the Moth. Designed and built in Australia and available world-wide, the WASZP is affordable, accessible, fun and already wildly popular.

The European WASZP Centre will provide boats, parts, training, support and information for the growing fleet of WASZPs (600+ already).

Many sailing enthusiasts have decided to buy a WASZP to start flying on water, as an alternative to the much more expensive MOTH and to join a fun fleet of enthusiasts from all over Europa and the rest of the world.


Experience, help and network

Visitors to the European WASZP Centre will find like-minded sailors and instructors who can introduce them to this wonderful, new watersport.

Our WASZP test sail is structured to ensure maximum safety for sailors who want to try the boat.

Lasting one hour, with the assistance of a support boat and personal instructor, you will sail for the whole time.

We will prepare, rig and launch the WASZP, as well as trimming the boat in the water in order to facilitate as much as possible customer's first 'flight'.

The price of the test includes the wetsuit, shoes, buoyancy aid and helmet (required for all sailors).

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Sail - Windsurf - Kayak - SUP

The European WASZP Centre is part of the Europa Surf and Sail sailing school at the Malcesine Sailing Centre.

Visitors will benefit from access to the facilities of a world-renowned sailing club (FV Malcesine) with its stunning clubhouse, restaurant, facilities, beach and parking.

At Europa Surf and Sail you can rent or take lessons in a variety of dinghies and catamarans or develop your windsurfing skills using our wide range of boards and sails.

FV Malcesine Europa Surf and Sail

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Learn to fly with the new radio kit! Let's go! Book your WASZP test with us!...

Training with Tim

Young Tim's second day of training on his brand-new WASZP with our Instructor Marco. Now the first foiling maneouvers begin to take shape! Well done Tim! #waszp #malatidiwaszp #europasurfandsail #malcesine #lagodigarda #lakegarda...

Se il buon giorno si vede dal mattino!

It is already a good day - the season has started for WASZPs! The first day of the season at Europa Surf and Sail / WASZP Rocks and our instructor Marco...

WASZP European Championships 2018 on Lake Garda

WASZP friends! Entry is open for the 2018 European Waszp Championship on Lake Garda, Italy! Registration link below! Do not miss the chance to compare yourself with the other Waszpisti !!!...

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Facilities, services and local attractions


Parking your car is not always easy along the busy coastline of Lake Garda. Here, at the Test Center, you can use the main FV Malcesine parking or we can direct you to one of four other places within walking distance.

You have to pay the local council rates for parking here, it is 1€ per hour.

Facilities and services

Here, at the test centre, we have changing cubicles and secure storage for your valuables as well as a relaxing area and a small beach.

The main club house has full changing, shower and toilet facilities as well as a restaurant and bar serving meals and snacks with a stunning outdoor viewing area.

Children can rent our safe SUPs and kayaks to play in the protected bay by the Europa Surf and Sail offices.

Other attractions

In addition to kayaks, SUPs, catamarans, dinghies and windsurfers we can also rent bikes to go to Malcesine along the lakeside cycleway (4km).

Malcesine itself has a castle, shops, bars, sailing store and supermarkets as well as a cablecar to ascend Monte Baldo (1840m). A local tourist bus can take you to other nearby villages.

alloggi e pernottamenti

Per chi avesse esigenza di organizzare una permanenza al lago di alcuni giorni al fine di effettuare il test Waszp, può informarsi presso lo stesso centro test per la ricerca e la prenotazione delle strutture ricettive.

Our team

  • Test your skill in a WASZP!

    For performance dinghy afficianados, familiar with fast dinghies, catamarans or skiffs, the European WASZP Center offers the possibility to test a WASZP and sail on the foil! An opportunity not to be missed to test your skills as a sailor! Good balance, a reasonable level of fitness and a willingness to try the new are…

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  • The first step towards flying in a dinghy

    The WASZP was created specifically with the idea of offering everyone the opportunity to fly on the foil. The boat is slightly heavier but is more resistant to damage than the Moth and is vastly cheaper. It is an ideal first step to this new sailing discipline and, for lighter or smaller sailors - who…

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  • A new way to sail!

    Sailing and surfing on the foil is one of the most important sailing innovations of the last few years. A different conception of sailing, an incredible feeling! Try it!

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Photo galleries


WASZP: a new boat designed for everyone. Made of fibreglass, aluminium and carbon, combined in a perfect mix that makes...

Boat cover

Il Waszp è dotato di telo copribarca per essere rimessata. Coperture imbottite, rivestite esternamente con lo stesso materiale del copribarca,...

Fully rigged

Il WASZP armato per la partenza. Il boma e l'albero, entrambi in stile windsurf permettono di armare due differenti misure di vele: 6.9...

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Happy Easter everyone!!🐝
#sailing school #scuolavela #waszp #wiwillflyagain #tornaremoavolare #stiamoacasa
L’apertura del WASZP test center è stato posticipato per via della situazione attuale relativa al COVID-19. Vi invitiamo tutti a rimanere a casa in modo da poter tornare in acqua il prima possibile! Posteremo delle foto delle scorse stagioni per tenerci motivati: dobbiamo ricordarci che questa situazione non durerà per sempre e che più rimaniamo a casa, prima torneremo a divertici tutti insieme!
Un saluto a tutti dal nostro team, vi stiamo pensando e augurando il meglio! Ci vedremo presto!
#stiamoacasa #stayhome #prontiavolare #waszp #lagodigatda #vela
un'altra bella giornata di training al waszp test center! Sempre più gente ci contatta per provare i waszp! ed il nuovo trampolino cruiser con i galleggianti maggiorati ha reso la barca stabilissima quando non vola e le scuffie si sono ridotte quasi a zero!!! #waszptestcenter #malatidiwaszp #europasurfandsail #waszp #foiling #test #lakegarda #lagodigarda #malcesine #centrotestwaszp #waszpit manythanks Filippo per la bella foto! with @marcablett
Tommaso che stramba sui Foil! E come dice lui: regato in 49er ma esco in Waszp per divertirmi!
A new #waspista. Il nostro istruttore di vela e windsurf sta provando il #waszp ad #europasurfandsail #malatidiwaszp #sailgarda #waszpit
Waszp training with VDWS Instructor!!! All the guys ready to fly!!!
Il nostro istruttore in acqua per allenarsi con la sua barca preferita!!! tutti pronti per un'altra stagione a tutto waszp!!! con @marcofrancalancia #malatidiwaszp #waszpit #waszp #waszpeuros2018 #waszpgames18 #malcesine #lakegarda #lagodigarda #foiling #sailing #europasurfandsail #waszptestcenter #centrotestwaszp #sailgarda
Secondo giorno di allenamento per Tim con il nostro istruttore @marcofrancalancia #waszp #malcesine #lagodigarda #lakegarda  #foiling #foilingtechnique
Primo giorno di allenamento, gia al foil!
WASZP 2018 European Championships will be here at FVM on Lake Garda. Register soon at #waszpit #waszpgames18 #malatadiwaszp #waszpeuros2018
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